We are all suffering in various ways. We have conflicts, agonies, confusions and miseries. Most often, we either constantly escape from these realities or accept them as an indispensable part of our lives.

The attempt here is to bring these questions that afflict us in open. By mere articulating and putting the question forward, we determine ourselves to face them. It is a revolution. Until now your troubles were used to being ignored or appeased. However, now you want them to show their true face.

The answers that you read here are to individual questioners and not a universal mathematical solution based on a constant hypothesis. Each question is unique and is thus dealt uniquely. The idea is not to give answers but to give a perspective that deepen our understanding of the problems that are troubling us. Only in deep reflection there lies the possibility to attain emancipation from the phenomenal flux of our mundane existence and thus attain the lasting bliss.